It will be Sensuiya if it dives in Okinawa (Kerama Islands)! Discover Scuba diving, an open water course, a fan dive, tour, etc. are done anything!

Frequent Questions

I am afraid that I will not have any friend or family member to participate in your course together.
Don’t worry. You are welcome to join any of our courses alone. Regardless of types of our programs (Introductory diving course, license course program, or our fun diving tour), in fact we have many guests who come to us alone. Every our guest loves diving, so you will find everybody could easily become open up to other participants. Also it could be nice chance to have new friends!
A transportation service is available?
We offer a free transportation service between hotels and our shop if your hotel is located within Naha city limits. (If your hotel is outside of Naha city, please contact us in advance because we might offer you transportation service depending on the location.)
If you plan to arrive at Naha airport in the morning and join our diving course in the afternoon, we will pick you up at the airport.
Are there any locker rooms and shower available?

In the case of the Kerama Islands boat tour, the boat has a changing area and shower. In the case of beach diving, there is a charge shower facility (¥200 to 300) as well as locker room close to the diving sites. There is no facility available (some beach dive locations, Manza boat tour, and Maedamisaki boat tour). In this case we bring limited amount of hot water so that you can at least rinse away salt water there.

Our shop has shower and rocker room facility so that you can take shower again after coming back to the shop.

What about a deposit of valuables?
Basically any valuables you bring should be supervised by yourself because we usually directly go to a boat or beach in the interest of time after we pick you up. In the case when we stop by our shop before tours, you can check your valuables at our shop.
What about a payment method?
All the payment should be made in cash at a shop on the day of your last diving. There are a post office, convenience store, and bank close to our shop so that you can stop by.
Do you accept a credit card for the payment?
6 types of JCB, VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER, American Express, and Diners can be used.
Can I dive on the day that I take a flight?

You cannot take a flight on the same day after your diving.
Due to change of pressure, a scuba diver's body absorbs nitrogen during a dive, Air travel can increase the risk of decompression sickness because the accumulated nitrogen in body that cannot be exhaled immediately forms bubbles as a result of exposure to reduced atmospheric pressure. This risk can be avoidable by taking enough surface intervals for the accumulated nitrogen in body to be exhaled before flying after scuba diving.

On the other hand, there is no risk to dive after flying. If you plan to dive during your stay, please be sure that you can dive between the day of your arrival and the day before your flight.

What kind of swimwear is preferable?
Any type of swimwear is suitable for men. Since you will put a wet suit on your swimwear, a simple swimming suit may be the best fit. For women, a separate type (bikini) of swimwear may be suitable because it will be easier to relive yourself.
I have poor eyesight. Do you have a rental mask with strong lenses?

For a customer with bad eyesight, we have rental masks with strong lenses available. Therefore, you can join our diving programs with sense of security even if you are ordinary wearing glasses or contact lenses. As for soft contact lenses, you can leave to put them on under the sea since it is very rare for them to be off during a dive.

However, remember that SENSUIYA is not responsible for any damage or loss of your contact lenses if it happens. As for hard contact lenses, the risk of coming off the lenses is high; therefore, we recommend you to use a mask with strong lenses.
*Note that our mask with strong lenses can be used for myopic person, and the left and right lenses cannot be interchangeable.

I worry about seasickness.
The time required to diving sites is approximately 5 minutes in the case of Maedamisaki boat tour, 5 to 10 minutes in Manza boat tour. Unless you are so sensitive about seasickness, you will be all right for these tours. However, in the case of the Kerama Island boat tour, it takes 40 to 60 minutes to get diving sites from Naha and you will be on the boat all day.
In fact, some precautions may be helpful for a person who gets seasick easily. The actions include having a good sleep, taking a travel sickness remedy, and not drinking too much. On a boat, lay down where you can get enough breezy air.
Can I take a travel sickness remedy?
In most cases, significant side-effect cannot be observed. If you take, we recommend the one that does not get you sleepy as a side-effect.
I have chronic disease.
For a person with chronic disease, contact to your doctor. We will accept you to participate in our courses if you get permission from your doctor and submit your health report to us.
Are there any age requirement?
For fun dives, there is no age restriction.
However, there are some age limits for training courses as follows:
An applicant must be at least 10 years old for introductory diving course.
An applicant must be at least 15 years old for an open water training course,
*For boys and girls under 15 years old or 10 years old, a junior open water course is open.
Tell me what to bring for diving sites?
Extra clothes, bath towel and small money (for lunch or paid shower facility if used) would be your minimum items.
What about a drink or lunch during a dive tour?
A free tea is always available. Before boarding we will stop at a store for those who buy lunch. In the cases of beach diving tours, Maedamisaki boat tour, and Manza boat tour, we can go to a nearby restaurant to eat together.
A diving tour is available in the winter season?

Our diving tours are open all year. In Okinawa, the temperature in winter season (December to February) ranges from 17 to 26 degree C, and the water temperature usually ranging from 20 to 23 degree C. On warm days, the temperature may exceed 25 degree C; however, we recommend you to bring a wind guard such as a windbreaker since we have more windy days in winter. There are a limited number of boat coats free to rent from SENSUIYA. Please ask us in advance.

In the water, although it may vary between individuals, most divers would not feel too cold thanks to a wet suit with a hood vest layered. SENSUIYA offers a heating pad rental service (¥1050 per day). Please ask us in advance because supply is limited.

Tell me about the climate in Okinawa.
Seasonal marine conditions in Okinawa
Seasonal marine conditions in Okinawa
How long can I stay in underwater?
For one dive, we will be in underwater for 40 to 45 minutes at most although it may vary depending on your amount of air consumption.
A diving tour will be held on a rainy day?
Rain itself does not affect diving. Once you go undersea, everybody gets wet! As criteria we mostly use marine conditions (wind speed, wind direction, wave height) rather than weather (rainy or sunny).
How about the chance of tour cancellation?
Unless a typhoon directly hit us, the chance of tour cancellation is slim. Since Okinawa is surrounded by ocean, we can dive safely by choosing appropriate dive site even if a typhoon comes close to us. If we should cancel our tour by necessity, we will inform you in advance.
How many days prior to the tour should I make a reservation?
Until a week before the day of tour, you can make a reservation either via mail or call up. If you plan to dive within a week, please call us to make a reservation. Although you may make a reservation on the day you dive, the course or starting time of your choice may not be available, especially during busy time like Golden Week holidays (early-May holiday season) and during the bon holiday (mid-August). Therefore, we recommend you to make a reservation early once your itinerary is firm.
I do not receive your confirmation mail for my reservation within 48 hours after my reservation made.
We will respond to a customer within 48 hours after we receive your mail of application. However, there is a possibility that an error occurs during communication, and consequently we fail to receive a mail from a customer or a customer is unable to receive our reply mail. If you do not receive our reply mail, your reservation might not be confirmed by us. Therefore, please be sure to contact us again via mail or call, if you do not receive our reply mail within 48 hours after the reservation you made.
Is there any cancellation charge?
For the grounds for cancellation of flight cancel, or bad weather/oceanic condition, there is no cancellation charge. In the case when the ground for cancellation attributes to a customer, and if you cancel your reservation on the day you reserved, we will charge 100% of the diving fee as a cancellation fee. If you cancel your reservation on the day before your reserved day, we will charge you 50% of the diving fee as a cancellation fee. To avoid this, please contact us as early as possible if you are in bad shape, worrying about weather condition, or likely to be late for the appointment time. We will try to make an arrangement by changing the schedule suitable for you if possible.
Inquery & Reserve
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